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Licensed VS Unlicensed Contractors : What you need to know

If you have a home improvement coming up, you might need to hire some outside help. While there are many smaller tasks that you may feel comfortable taking on yourself, perhaps with prior knowledge or just by using the ever-handy abundance of YouTube tutorials, there are other jobs that are just beyond your skill set or comfort zone. In these instances, it is time to [...]

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The 8 Most Frequently Asked Questions To A Contractor

You may not be the expert, but you are the boss! Dreaming up a new kitchen or spa-worthy bathroom may be the most fun part of renovating, but choosing the right renovation contractor is the most important part. This person will rip out your walls and spend your money, so it's really important that you like and trust them enough to embark on the remodeling [...]

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Advantages of Hiring a Licensed Contractor

If you have any construction project at hand, the best option you have to get good results for the project is to hire a licensed contractor. Sadly, most people are still unaware of the benefits they can get from a licensed contractor. This blog is all about how beneficial it is to hire a licensed contractor. A general licensed contractor is a professional who offers [...]

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Common Misconceptions about Building Inspection

The service of residential inspectors have been widely used in the real estate industry all over the world. However, even though so many people have known what building inspection is all about, there are still a lot of common misconceptions and confusion about the residential inspection process. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about house inspection that we often heard: [...]

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Bamboo as the Alternative Steel Reinforcement

Developing countries have the highest demand for steel-reinforced concrete, but often do not have the means to produce the steel to meet that demand. Rather than put themselves at the mercy of a global MARKET dominated by developed countries, Singapore’s Future Cities Laboratory suggests an alternative to this manufactured rarity: bamboo. Abundant, sustainable, and extremely resilient, bamboo has potential in the future to become an [...]

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